Best Golf Ball For The Average Golfer

Best golf ball for the average golfer

I have used and tested quite many golf balls maybe because of my playing style. I have used golf balls from Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, Callaway, Nike and many more. So, this is a story about what is the best golf ball for the average golfer, just like me.

To me, the most important thing is that you trust your golf ball. This trust might come from only one great shot like you sink a huge putt or make a hole in one with that specific golf ball. Of course, it can be a certain feeling you get when you are using the ball, and this builds your trust to the ball.

What is my choice? To me, this golf ball has been Srixon AD333. It is a golf ball with excellent performance and affordable price, and I have built the trust in this golf ball. I left out all the high-end tour golf balls because I believe you should have a considerable consistency in your golf swing to benefit from these high-end golf balls. I would instead invest my money to improve my golf swing than hitting these quite expensive golf balls into the bushes.

So, please check below my honest opinion what are the best golf balls for the average golfer.

Srixon AD333

This ball has only 2-piece golf ball but even though it performs well from the tee box to the green. It might lack the some out of tee box functionalities what Bridgestone golf ball has and putting touch what Titleist golf balls can offer. But the AD333 is the best overall golf ball, and that is why it is my choice.

Srixon AD333 is also affordable and spins enough so you can stop it even on hard greens. Give this ball a try and see if it suits to your game.

Check the Srixon AD333 price on Amazon (link to Amazon)

Check the full specification of Srixon AD333 from the manufacturer’s page


Bridgestone E6

Bridgestone E6 golf ball is my choice if I want to hit the fairway. I love how this ball works with my driver, and this golf ball is my choice if I don’t have any AD333’s in my golf bag.

Bridgestone E6 is a golf ball with almost tour golf ball characteristics but only with a fraction of cost. The ball might lack some spinning features, but if this is not a problem for your game, I highly recommend even try this ball once.

Check Bridgestone E6 price on Amazon (link to Amazon)

Check the full specification of Bridgestone E6-series golf balls from the manufacturer’s page


Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist golf balls are well known maybe because of its popularity on PGA tour. To me, Titleist has been the brand which produces the best golf balls in the world, Pro V1’s. But as an average golfer do you get the max out from this golf ball? At least I cannot, and it pisses me off when I hit during the golf round five of these to the water or somewhere where I cannot find those.

Titleist NXT Tour is a version targeted to average golfers but mainly due to price vs. quality (or at least suitability to my game) it is not a ball for me. For some reason, I always struggle with NXT tour on the fairways and in tee-box, but the ball performs well on the green.

If you have some extra cash, try the NXT tour and see if it suits to your game. You can check the golf ball here (link to Amazon)

Check the full specification of Titleist NXT Tour and NXT Tour-S golf balls from the manufacturer’s page

Callaway Warbird

To me, Callaway has always been a brand for the ladies. For some reason, I don’t see it as a “manly” brand. Maybe it is because the Callaway brand is so popular among the ladies in my country club and the LPGA tour.

The Callaway products are good, but those are lacking some characteristics which make playing fun. I have a feeling that those are little too soft and that is the reason why these golf balls do not fit for my swing. But on the green, Callaway golf balls are excellent.

So, if you are a high handicapper or a player having a slower swing speed, this can be the golf ball for you. Check this ball and another Callaway golf balls on Amazon (link to Amazon)

Check the full specification of Callaway Warbird from the manufacturer’s page


Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

When I started playing golf Wilson golf balls were the ones I used a lot. Maybe this is because the marketing is typically targeted towards beginners and you can find Wilson products from supermarkets or some other stores which are not known for selling golf equipment.

Wilson golf balls are good but if you compare these balls to ones listed above unfortunately the price vs. quality does not match. But sometimes you can find these balls cheap on sale (like two boxes with a price of one) when the new model is coming.

Check if there are any offers on these golf balls (link to Amazon)

Check the full specification of Wilson Fifty Elite from the manufacturer’s page


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And last, here is some additional info about golf ball which can be useful when selecting the golf ball or these can be just fun to know.


Q: What golf balls are made of?

A: The golf balls are made of several materials. The inner core of the golf ball is made of rubber or plastic, and outer cores can be made of balata, urethane or other composite materials.

The materials of the golf balls have changed many times over the past 400 years. And when the technology develops, every time the golf ball advances as well. Maybe in the future, you can print your golf balls at home by using 3D-printer.


Q: Why so many uses Titleist Pro V1 golf balls?

A: Titleist is the most used golf ball brand on PGA-tour and quite often see as a luxury brand. Depending a little bit of the year around 60% to 70% of PGA-tour golfers are using some version of Pro V1 golf balls on tour.

Many golfers think that this is the best ball in the world (and it probably is) but sometimes forgot that is not perhaps the best golf ball for the player. These golf balls need to work correctly high swing speeds, and the average or high-handicapped golfer can achieve same results only fraction of the cost. And this is selecting a golf ball which suits to him or her swing speeds.

Q: Why golf balls have dimples?

A: In the 19th century the golfers found out that when the surface of the golf ball is not smooth, the golf ball travels further. So they started to manufacture golf balls which have dimples.

Compared to smooth golf balls, the golf balls sold today has only half of the air resistance, and this makes golf balls carry a lot of further than those used to be. If you want to count the dimples, you should find around 350 +/- 100 dimples depending on the golf ball.


Q: Why golf balls have numbers?

A: The main idea behind is that you know what is your golf ball. Let’s say it is not uncommon that two players on the same flight share the same brand and model of the golf ball if the local golf shop has made a sale on these golf balls.

So, it does not mean that the golf ball has a different weight, size or number of dimples is different, by numbering the golf ball you can identify which golf ball is yours. Remember, if you hit the wrong ball you will face a two-stroke penalty.

Q: How long will golf balls last?

A: Due to recent development with surface materials, the golf balls last longer than those used to be. If the surface and dimples remain in good condition and you store and use your golf balls about in the same temperature you can use those many rounds.

If you see markings on the surface and a lot of wear on the surface this will affect the golf ball flight mainly due to loss of ball spin.

But typically you lose the golf ball before it has worn out.


What is your favorite golf ball? Do you have a golf ball to which you trust? Please comment below, and if you liked the post, please share it.

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