Simple Golf Downswing Drills

Simple Golf Downswing Drills

The most important movement of a golf swing is the downswing. So, What is so crucial about it? The beginning of the swing (first move) will determine will your swing be a good one or a bad one. The transition also has a considerable impact to swing speed. If the swing starts correctly, you don’t need to control it, and you can swing thru easily. Smooth swing means more power and more control.

The downswing is one of the hardest aspects of the golf swing, but it is also the most rewarding one, and luckily there is no textbook or only one way how you can do it. The ultimate goal is to get the club to correct plane.

Here are some easy and quick golf drills you can use to get the better downswing for your swing:

Move your weight. Try to move your weight to your front foot. Avoid only turning your hips and remember to do lateral weight movement

Take it slow. Save your speed for the downswing. Start your backswing 75% of speed what you would typically do.

Be connected. In downswing move your hands back in front of your chest. Try to drop your hands towards to ball.

Check your shoulder placement. On top have a feeling that your left shoulder is turned under your chin. (For RH players, LH another way around)

Be stable. Focus that upper body is firm. Avoid all the unnecessary movements.


How to get better golf downswing sequence

Golf downswing consists of 4 different parts. These are; a transition from backswing to downswing, the start of the downswing, hip rotation and impact moment. Why is it important to understand these parts? The correct sequence is a base for the perfect swing.

The correct transition of the backswing to downswing will create a right path and more accurate swing. The key is not to rush, take it slow and try to remain same speed in backswing and downswing. To start your downswing, the first step should be a small lateral movement towards the target. Do this for lower body only, and if it helps, you can think to move your left knee to the target (RH players).

Hip rotation part is a combination of hip rotation and lateral movement to the target. If you rotate too quickly, your hands will get “stuck” behind your body, and you might start to hit straight golf shots right of the target.  During the impact, if you have done correct hip turn, your belt buckle should point towards your original target and your left-hand palm towards the target.

You need to put a lot of practice hours to get the correct sequence, but when you get it, your round numbers will drop a lot.

Right elbow location in golf downswing

If your right elbow is correct location during the downswing, this means your swing is on the correct path, and you will hit a nice draw. Why is the position of right elbow important during downswing? You can use it as a reference if you start to hit slices and hooks.

If you hit hooks or pushes (=straight shot to the right), this means that your elbow is too far behind and you ended up hitting a push or hook shots. If you are hitting slices or straight shots to the left, this means that your elbow is not connected to your body and is too far from your hip.

The correct place for right elbow during the downswing is near the right hip. When next time you are in the practice area, check what is your right elbow location and try to put it correct place to avoid nasty slices.


Finding the correct golf swing path

According to the studies made, about 80% to 90% of golfers hits slices or hooks. The cause for this is incorrect swing path is a swing which comes from an out-to-in path and is way too steep. The cure for the swing is to make swing shallower and make it coming from in to out path.

One of the best ways to correct any swing problem is trying to do just opposite. Hit as shallow shots as you can and see if it makes hit ball more solid and from the correct path.

On takeaway focus on connected takeaway and avoid club getting too inside. If your club gets inside while making the backswing, it comes from outside-to-in path during the downswing.


Try drop arms downswing drill for better path

If you start your swing before you let your arms drop, it will cause your swing travel on the wrong path. The early start will create an outside-to-in swing path, and like always, out-to-in path swings will end up be slices or pushes.

Let your arms drop in front of you and let gravity do all the work. Now is a good time to check your right elbow location as well. During mid-way of your downswing check that your club is parallel to ground and pointing to the target. If your club end is pointing to the left of your target, you know that you are not in the correct plane and you have made the early start.

In drop arms drill you can also try what high grip pressure or overall tension in your body will do your swing. When you try it, you will notice that you cannot drop your arms nicely by using gravity and this is only caused by your tension. Remember to relax before your swing!


Square your clubface with palm down drill

One good checkpoint for your downswing is using so-called palm down drill. This exercise allows you to deliver the clubface squared to the ball.

During the mid-way of your downswing, your clubhead should point directly to up and your right-hand palm down. You practice this at home and try to get feeling that you point your right-hand palm to the ground during the backswing.

One additional point here, you can use this drill also for your backswing.

Hopefully, you liked our drills for the downswing. If you know additionals drills which have helped you, please don’t hesitate to share those in the comments section.

Like always, take pictures, video or use mirror when you are practicing these things. When you see yourself in photos or video, it will make learning faster and avoid you to implement bad habits into your swing.

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Happy Drills,