How far to stand from golf ball

How far to stand from golf ball

If you don’t stand from the golf ball the correct distance, this will impact to your golf swing, and you need to do unnecessary movements during the downswing. Unnecessary movements can be you need to stretch your arms to reach to the golf ball, or you need to turn your body away to make enough room for your swing.

The distance only changes based on your golf club shaft length. A good starting point is to take your typical setup for the ball and let your arms hands freely downwards and then grab the club. You should end up being in natural setup, and you should have enough room to make your swing. The setup is done in a same for every club you have in your bag, but for the putter, you take another grip typically.

How far to stand away from golf ball

To make a setup correctly and the same way every time is a crucial thing to build up your golf swing consistency. With consistency in your golf swing, you can quickly improve your overall game, and soon you find out that you are on your way to below 80 shots per round.

To make a proper setup, bend your knees a little bit then lean forwards and let your arms hang freely downwards. A good point of reference is a setup where you could lift massive boulder for the ground and the golf setup it should be the same, but instead of rock, you will grab a club. So, how far to stand away from the ball is determined with a proper setup.

How far to stand from golf ball with the driver

A lot of golfer stands way too far from the ball when they are hitting the driver. The reason behind is that the driver is the biggest club you have in the bag, and when you hit it, you want to make room for yourself, but this is wrong. This is so-called fishing setup, and it means you stand too far from the ball. When you have this so-called fishing setup, you need to stretch your arms to reach the ball. And this causes during the downswing out-to-in path or a straight shot to the right.

To fix this, you need to get the club closer to your body. Make a proper setup without a club and then just let your arms hang down. Your arms should be around 1 to 1,5 wrist length away from your body (depending on how tall you are this can be your belt or your thigh).¬†This setup will feel that you don’t have any room to make the swing, but hit a lot of shots and try to change your setup for the driver. To be sure that you have a proper setup with the driver, ask your friend to take a video of your swing or use a mirror when practicing.

How far to stand from golf ball with irons

If the players stand too far from the golf ball with the driver, it is opposite with the irons. It is common with irons that people stand too close the ball with iron shots and the golf club almost rest on your knees when you made your setup. If you have a setup like this, you don’t have room to make correct takeaway and your golf swing takeaway will be too upright and swing will be an out-to-in path.

The cure for this is the same than for driver. You need to make a perfect setup and make enough room for yourself to create a good backswing. But don’t overemphasize and check your posture after every setup with a mirror. Many golfers who are trying fix this problem in their swing bend too much forwards from the hips and the hands go too much forwards and too close to the ground, and this causes other challenges with a swing.

How to determine how far to stand away from the golf ball

The conclusion for how to determine how far to stand away from the golf ball it is quite simple. You have a correct distance when you have made a proper setup. For the driver, you can use slightly more upright setup than for the irons because the driver is the longest club you have in the bag. But remember the correct wrist distance from your body.

To get a better line up with the target you can use alignment sticks (link to Amazon)

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