How to get good at golf

How to get good at golf

Golf is a hard game, and it takes a lifetime to get good at this game. To be a pro, you need to master the necessary skills, and you need to have a consistent golf swing. A good golf player has a good routine before every shot, and he or she can handle the pressure well. For example, think about Waste Management Phoenix open, 655,434 fans were watching what you do.

If you want to be a great golfer, you need to practice a lot in practice areas. Playing golf is fun (on the course), but your progress as a player is slow. Why is it slow? During 18 holes of golf, you only get around 40 full golf swings and 50 short game shots. 90 golf shots is not a lot because typically it takes four to five hours for one round and this means around 20 shots per hour. And this is not enough if you want to develop your game to the next level.

How long does it take to get good at golf

How long does it take to get good at golf is highly dependent on what is your background. For example, if you have played ice hockey a lot, your progress as a golfer can be a little bit faster than someone’s who have never played a sport which needs body control. Of course, you can play at the top level without sports background, but it needs a lot of work. Gary Woodland who is nowadays a PGA-tour player played his freshman year basketball but changed to golf for next year because he liked golf more than basketball and saw more opportunities in golf than in basketball. And after eight years, he won his first PGA tournament in 2011.

A golfer who wants to be good at golf has a practice plan and spends 50% of time dedicated to golf in practice areas. He or she also understands the importance of the short game and practice this a lot. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, you cannot practice golf all year round outside due to winter, and this might cause some challenges to your development. To maintain and develop your golf swing, you should need some exercises with a golf club at least once a week. So, find were is the closest golf simulator or book a golf trip.

How to get good at golf without lessons

If you are new to golf or you have just started, I highly recommend some beginner course where you work with the pro all the basic swing set up’s, and you will learn basic golf rules and etiquettes. Learning golf without a course is possible, but you might end up having a nasty habit in your swing and to get rid of it might take a lot of practicing.

When you have played golf a while, you can start to develop your swing by yourself if you want to. You will learn a lot more about your swing if you study it by yourself and this will develop you as a golfer. But, you need to know and find your swing flaws to practice right things. You need to take video of your golf swing and then frame by frame study what happens in your swing and what should be right movement or a location for the club at that moment.

How to get good at golf quickly

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. Your background might help a little bit but to be a good player you need to put a lot of practice hours and effort. Best way to get good at golf is to find a lot of time for practicing and invest this time correctly into short and long game practice sessions. Become a great golfer will not happen in days it always takes years.

Course management can play a huge role if you want to drop your shots for example from 100 to 90 shots per round. Study the course beforehand and think what club to use from the tee box. Your first shot does not need to be always with a driver. It is better to be on the fairway 15 yards shorter than 15 yards longer in the woods or out of bounds.

How to get a good golf swing

To get a good golf swing, you need to do drills which increases your golf swing consistency. Consistency in a golf swing is the key to low numbers. It does not matter if your natural golf swing is a small fade or nice draw, but the most important thing is that more than 95% of your shots are like this.

Consistency can be built in practice areas by setting up every time to the ball in the same way. Also, the takeaway, backswing, and downswing should be done in the same way every time to build the consistency. When next time you are in the range, never hit the same club two times in the row. This will encourage you to do the setup correctly for every shot you take in the driving range or short game practice area.

What is a decent golf score & handicap

There are no exact numbers to give because these are highly depending the time you can put on your golf practice and what is your background. The best numbers are those which you set for yourself, and you try to beat these numbers. For example, it can be you lowering your handicap by three or eight during this season.

Some golfers are trying to beat 90, 80 or even 70 shots in the course they play a lot and know very well. Maybe this is not a goal for yourself, but it might help you think a goal for yourself.

So, think how much time you can invest in golf and set a number or a goal to yourself which is achievable but needs to some work. Then create a practice plan and start to practice.

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