How to hit a driver for beginners

How to hit a driver for beginners

The driver is the club everyone wants to hit because with a driver you should be able to maximize your ball carry. A driver is fun to hit when your swing is in good shape. Otherwise, you should use for example a 3-wood or smaller club instead of driver. And to hit driver consistently, your swing must have a good rhythm and tempo. So, please check how to hit with a driver for beginners tips provided below.

For most of the beginners, the driver is a club to avoid. At least when you are a beginner, and you can create fair amount clubhead speed. The problem with driver is, even though clubhead is large in the driver, the length of the shaft makes it hard to hit with a sweet spot of the club. Higher swing speed with driver also emphasizes all the mistakes beginners have their swing.  If you found a golfer searching his or her ball in the forest, most of the time the club selection has been a driver.

How to tee up a golf ball with a driver

The golf ball tee up with a driver differs from irons and 3-wood. To hit a driver with the club sweet spot you need to tee up the golf ball from the ground one to two inches (or 2,5-5cm). There is no exact number because the shape and location of sweet spot might vary between the club manufactures. Also, due to differences in golf swings, the height of the tee needs to be adjusted according to your swing.

An excellent way to check what is the correct tee up height for your swing is to use tape in your club face while hitting the ball. Use a tape which shows where the ball hit the clubface, so don’t use duck tape here. Hit a set of balls and check the results. Then modify the height of tee and re-run the test. A good starting point for this test is, use a tee height where your ball is half above your driver’s clubface.

Ball position for the driver

A correct ball position for the driver is around your left heel. The critical thing with a driver is hit the ball up not down as you do with irons. The reason behind it is the low loft in the driver. If you hit the same way as you do with irons, the shot with a driver will barely lift up from the ground, and this will decrease your ball carry a lot. Yes, you can hit driver off the deck, but this needs low face driver and lot of swing speed. So, it is not recommended for beginners.

The lowest point of your swing is around the middle of your legs. If you need to hit ball upwards, then you need to place the ball close to your left heel (RH players). Remember to keep the ball placement inside your feet. If the ball location is outside of left feet, you need to do a lot of lateral movements to reach to the golf ball, and this is a bad thing if you want to build a consistent golf swing.

Make a correct driver stance

A proper stance for the driver is wide, but it needs to be comfortable for you. The wideness will vary between the golf players, but the key thing is that it is the widest stance you take for your clubs. For example, you don’t take a wider stance for your 7-wood than for the driver.

A wide stance will lower the attack angle to the golf ball and makes the ball hitting with driver easier. If your lower body is a little bit stiff, you can open your left foot towards to target, something like 35 degrees. Opening the left feet should make the follow through easier.

To get the correct alignment you can use alignment sticks (link to Amazon)

Golf ball goes right with the driver

If the ball goes right with driver most of the time reason behind it is out-to-in swing path which generates fade or slice ball flight. Another reason for this could be weak grip, but this is not as common as the first one. The clubhead speeds with the driver are massive, and it will emphasize all the swing faults you have.

To deliver driver’s clubface square to the ball, you need to check what are your club positions in the middle of your backswing, on the top of the backswing and in the middle of your downswing. The best way to evaluate this positions by yourself is to take video of your swing. You can find more info here: Downswing drills

What is the easiest driver to hit

The easiest drivers to hit are those with large clubface and large sweet spot area. Also, the shaft in the club needs to be suitable for your swing speed and for most the beginners it is regular. You might have higher swing speed because of your background like you have played a lot of ice-hockey, but even though I would start with a regular shaft and after a year or two move to stiff. Also, you need to understand that the regular and stiff might vary between manufacturers. One manufacturer’s regular could stiffer than other one’s stiff or at least very close.

So, check what is out there and make some comparison. I started with the Cobra (link to Amazon) and loved it from day one. The regular shaft in Cobra is a little bit stiffer (or at least it feels like it) than other manufactures regular shafts and it fit my playing style, mainly because of my background. Cobra clubs also provide an excellent price & quality ratio, and you don’t need to burn all of your money to one club.

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