How to play golf for dummies

How to play golf for dummies

Golf is a game that you either love it or you hate it. When you are the first time in the range, you will soon understand golf is a quite hard game to learn but gratifying one. Also, a round of golf takes a lot of time, around five hours. So, clear up your schedule. And remember, a bad day of golf is always better than a good day at work.

For playing golf, you will need set of clubs, golf clothes, golf balls, some golf accessories and a lot of good spirits. If you have a friend, who plays ask him to join to play with you or ask advice. It is always better to ask than doing everything by yourself. If you want to learn more, check these how to play golf for dummies tips below.

Basic golf clubs needed

When starting golf, you don’t even need a full set of clubs. Necessary golf clubs required are a putter, one wedge, few irons and one wood. From the day one, I would invest in a good putter. Why? Around 50% of your shots will be putting, and it makes sense to buy a good putter you can use for a long time. I highly recommend Odessey putters which have a good quality vs. price ration. Like this Odyssey putter from Amazon.

Rest of the clubs (wedge, irons, and woods) can be second-hand clubs because your golf swing is not consistent and it will develop a lot in coming months. You can buy used clubs from golf forums or sites which are selling used clubs. With purchasing used clubs, you need to pay around 75% of original golf prices and most of the time the clubs are almost new. So, a perfect fit for the beginner. Buying expensive clubs from day one is waste of money. Spend this money to build a good tempo and rhythm for your golf swing.

Best golf courses for beginners

Best golf courses for beginners are short courses without a huge number of water hazards, bunkers or other obstacles. You can check from the course’s scorecard what is the course degree of difficulty. The rule is, the bigger the number is, the more challenging it will be to play. For example, a course with ratio and slope of 70/130 is easier to play than a course with ration and slope of 80/140.

To make a course easier for you, you can use the first tee and then move more to back when you can play better. Fellow golfers will appreciate a good playing phase because playing from the first tees needs fewer shots for the beginner. Also, many golf courses have nowadays par3 courses located next to their main golf course(s). These courses are most of the time quite simple and highly recommend to beginners and everyone who is practicing their short game.

Golf swing fundamentals for beginners

A golf swing consists of an excellent posture, swing takeaway, swing transition, swing downswing, impact moment and follow-through. During these movements, you need to do some weight transfer. Don’t sound easy? Yep, to accomplish a perfect golf swing is not an easy thing. It will require a lot practice, not only spending time on the course playing the golf.

Good thing to know, there is no one exact swing type which is the right one. The goal is to deliver the clubface consistently with certain angle and path to the ball. Some might have an in-to-out swing, and some might have an out-to-in swing, and these swing paths will develop different ball flights. But the key here, the golfer knows what will his ball trajectory when he or she hits the standard shot.

Learning to play golf for beginners

Golf is fun when you hit the ball and after the shot is the ball can be found. When I started, I loved to play with a driver, but it was also the club with I was struggling the most. A driver is a club with highest clubhead speed, and it will emphasize the mistakes you have in your swing. If you are struggling with a driver, put it back to the bag and use something else, like 3- or 5-wood.

Golf needs a lot practicing. You should spend 50% of your time playing golf and 50% of the time practicing the golf. Not 95% playing golf and max 5% on practice areas. Many beginners also completely ignore the importance of the short game. Don’t spend all the practice time you have in the driving range, but at least some amount should be spent in the short game practice area. Because around 60% of your golf shots are so-called short game shots. The winner of competitions hardly is a player whos driver shot is the longest one, but most of the time the winner is the player who has the short game in good shape.

Golf swing drills for beginners

As a beginner, you will be blown away by the amount of the golf drills and tips you found on the web. Most of the time the drills and tips are good but when you start to practice those you don’t do those in a right way. The problem comes that you feel differently than the situation is. For example, if you try to fix your overswinging, you might think that your backswing is very short, but when you check it from the video, your backswing is the correct length. So, don’t be fooled by your feelings.

Best golf swing drills for beginners are those which are focusing on building consistency to your swing. Try to figure out what should be correct placements for your club during the takeaway, on the top of the backswing and during the downswing. Then practice a lot to get your club to the same place every time. Also, you should not forget to get good rhythm and tempo for your golf swing.

Basic rules of golf for beginners

You will learn all the basic rules of golf in green card course. If you play in courses which don’t need this card and you don’t have it, play with a friend who knows the rules. It doesn’t matter are you spectator in a golf competition or are you playing yourself if you know the rules, you will enjoy the game a lot more.

You can find the complete rules from the internet, but you will learn the rules better by playing golf and asking from the co-players. Don’t be afraid of asking if you aren’t sure is something according to the golf rules.

Golf etiquette for beginners

To be a golfer, you need to know the basics of golf etiquette. What you can do in and what not. The essential golf etiquettes understand, and master is; turn off the cell phone, how you should behave in on the tee box, how to keep up a good pace, where you can stand on the green and when you are allowed to move, and what to wear while golfing.

Golf etiquette is much more than the examples mentioned above. There are many rules, but you will learn those by playing the game. Just golf.

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